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Naturopathy is a system of healing which blends both ancient medicine and modern science. Today’s Naturopath takes the ancient wisdoms of natural healing as developed by various cultures around the world over thousands of years, and blends it with knowledge gained from up-to-the-minute clinical trials  and scientific discoveries. It is an eclectic healthcare practice whereby practitioners blend their intuition with their extensive scientific learning to create treatment plans using natural medicines including Herbal Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Flower Essences and Diet and Lifestyle Coaching .

Every person is seen as a whole, unique individual and treated accordingly. Two people may be given the same “diagnosis” by a doctor yet will most likely be treated completely differently when seen by a naturopath. As every person reacts differently to the foods, lifestyle and environments to which we subject ourselves, it is the role of the naturopath to look at the person as a whole and aim to discover and treat the cause of the problem.

Naturopathy looks deep into every aspect of an individual’s health and prescribes for each person, the unique tools, environment, natural medicine and nourishment their body needs to heal itself, all the time educating and supporting the individual to obtain the best results possible.

Naturopathy follows a number of principles centred around prevention, education, doing ‘no harm’, treating the cause rather than the symptoms, and employing the body’s own natural capacity to heal itself.






Herbal medicines are medicine that has been made exclusively from plants. It is one of the oldest and still most widely used systems of medicine, having been shaped by knowledge accumulated from across the globe since the beginning of time.

Even the pharmaceutical industry, which is generally considered completely separate to herbal medicine, has its roots in traditional herbal medicine. A large proportion of modern pharmaceutical drugs are directly or indirectly derived from compounds extracted from the same herbs and plants used by naturopaths. Natural herbal medicines, however, are made using extracts from the whole plant rather than chemically synthesising or mimicking the active component. As such, the full healing power within the plant is extracted as a whole and all components are consumed together the way nature intended. In this way any potential side effects of the medicinal component are offset by the naturally occurring nutrients and compounds that nature provides intuitively to potentiate any adverse effects.


Fertility, pregnancy and birth are areas where medicinal plants were used extensively by women throughout history to promote pregnancy, to protect and nourish both mother and baby during pregnancy and to bring on or ease the process of delivery during birth. Phoebe is well versed in the properties and appropriate use of these very special natural medicines.  



Herbal Medicine


Good nutrition is the cornerstone of health. Nutrition is more than simply eating food to provide energy for the body. The various vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals found in food are used by the  body for hundreds if not thousands of chemical reactions. These reactions fuel processes involved in growth, repair, energy production, detoxification, reproduction, emotions, learning and the functioning of every organ, tissue and cell in the body.


So many of the diseases that have become so prevalent today can be linked directly to poor diet choices. For example, diabetes, cancer, IBS, autoimmune conditions, obesity and asthma, just to name a few. With the huge variety of convenience foods available today, plus the existence of food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances, it is a minefield for the average person to know what they should and shouldn’t be eating. Couple this with the fact that everyone is different and a diet that works well for one person may be disastrous for another, and you could be forgiven for throwing your hand up in despair.


Naturopaths are well trained to understand the subtle ways people can be impacted by their diet and are well placed to recommend specific dietary changes or supplements in accordance with the individual's needs. This may include temporarily eliminating a food to prevent a detrimental reaction or adding certain foods know to be high in particular nutrients or health giving properties. Sometimes small dietary adjustments are all that is needed to bring about the biggest change in wellbeing and at other times nutritional supplemenation will be needed.


Just like herbal medicines, flower essences have a long tradition of use in Europe and the UK dating back thousands of years. Flower essence therapy also holds a prominent place in ancient Buddhist traditions. During the 1930’s Dr. Edward Bach revived the use of flower essence therapy and helped increase its acceptance into the Western world. Beyond their use in naturopathy, flower essences are now being increasingly used in hospitals and by mental health practitioners.  


Flower essences target the nervous system to help correct emotional imbalances, calming or reviving as required. For example, certain flower essence combinations help to bring about a state of harmony, contentment, or relaxation while others assist energy, focus, strength and positivity. They can be especially helpful during times of stress and emotional upheaval. One of the most widely recognisable forms of flower essence is the Bach flower blend 'Rescue remedy', this blend can be invaluable at times of extreme stress or trauma.  Flower essence therapy can be taken as often as needed and so allows the individual to control the dosage according to how they are feeling on any given day.


Flower essences are extremely safe, easy to use remedies that work well in conjunction with herbal medications, homeopathic preparations and pharmaceutical prescriptions. They can be used when that little bit of extra help is needed and can be administered by applying a few drops of the essence under the tongue several times a day, by adding it into a drink or by sucking a pleasant tasting pastille. Alternatively they can be applied topically in a spray or incorporated into a cream or lotion. 

Dietary &
Lifestyle Coaching

Most people have a fairly clear vision of what their health goals are and a reasonably good idea of what they need to do to get there, yet just can’t seem to make it happen. Others know they don’t feel as well as they should and that something needs to change, but have no idea where to begin. Phoebe provides the information, motivation and guidance to help you work through the minefield of information out there and get you straight onto what you need to be doing and eating to achieve your goals. With her expertise she will design an easy to follow, step by step process to get you on track, keep you there and to then maintain the result once achieved.


Phoebe is passionate about supporting people to achieve a healthy lifestyle and has many years of experience motivating, educating and inspiring people to better health and successful parenthood. She has extensive knowledge on diet recommendations suited to specific requirements and has a strong understanding of the psychology of change. She creates positive, permanent behaviour changes without you feeling like you have been chased unwillingly through a gruelling obstacle course.


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