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About Phoebe
Phoebe has been in clinical practice for the past 23 years. Alongside her clinic experience she has taught at Endeavour College and worked for one of Asia's leading health retreats, Kamalaya. At Kamalaya Phoebe ran detox, weight loss and stress reduction programs and Naturopathic consultations. She has also worked for one of the leading Herbal medicine and Nutritional companies, Oborne Health Supplies, training fellow Naturopaths, Doctors and Allied health professionals on the latest herbal and nutritional products and research.


Her extensive experience within the Natural Medicine field has helped give Phoebe a deeper understanding of her clients health needs and the most suitable approaches to help them achieve balance in their lives and with that overcome any obstacles to complete health and wellbeing.


Phoebe believes that in order to fully heal a person needs to address all levels of imbalance within their lives, looking at the the physical, emotional and spiritual. She is passionate about helping you to find that balance in ways that are achievable and realistic for you.  


Phoebe has a special interest in fertility and post natal care. She is passionate about assisting couples in optimising their health in preparation for creating a family. She specialises in working with couples who have been trying to fall pregnant for some time with no results. Phoebe also often supports clients while they  undergoing  IVF treatment, using safe and effective herbal and nutritional protocols that support the IVF process.  Her impressive success rate comes from her ability to provide achievable and realistic strategies to overcome any obstacles to fertility.

Another special area of interest for Phoebe is helping support new mums. She helps them regain their energy,   re-establish sleep patterns, regulate their hormones, restore healthy eating patterns, regulate moods and reclaim their spark! 


Phoebe specialises in the treatment of:

Gut Health

Preconception Care and Fertility Support

IVF support

Post Natal Care

Peri Menopause/Menopause support

Children's Health

Recurrent miscarriage

Autoimmune Conditions

Thyroid dysfunction

Women's health and hormonal issues

Stress and anxiety management

Detox programs

Low energy

Adrenal burnout


What to expect in a consult:


In your initial 75min consultation Phoebe will take a comprehensive health history covering all aspects of your physical and emotional health. She will also explore your diet and lifestyle and look at any environmental factors that may be having an impact on your health. If needed Phoebe will also refer for further pathology testing.

Based on this information Phoebe will design a treatment plan specifically for you that will be presented and discussed at your follow up consultation. This will outline the direction of your treatment and will explain your herbal and nutritional prescription and will include a range and diet and lifestyle guidelines.


Services offered:



Herbal medicine 

Nutritional medicine

Flower essences 

Diet and lifestyle coaching

Consultation fees

Initial consultation 75 minutes $170

Follow up consultation 45 minutes $95

Initial Fertility consultation 75 min + 20 min treatment plan consultation $200

Follow up Fertility consultation 45 minutes $95


Clinic hours:

Monday 10am-7pm

Thursday 10am-7pm

Saturday 9am-2pm




Advanced Diploma Health Science (Naturopathy) 

Diploma of Health Science (Herbal Medicine)

Diploma of Health Science (Nutrition)

Certificate of Flower Essences

Aromatic Kinesiology Level 1, 2, 3

Reiki Level 1 + 2


Telehealth/Phone consultations available




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