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Children's developing bodies can be more susceptible to illnesses and damage from exposure to chemicals, toxins and nutrient deficiencies than ours. Just as their brains are like little sponges soaking up new information and learning so much every day, so too are their bodies. Their immune systems are being exposed to new allergens and bugs all the time and their immature immune system has to learn how to deal with these. When a child’s health is compromised due to inadequate nutrition and poor lifestyle choices, their body does not adequately cope with that first exposure and this can often set them up for lifelong issues.

Consider the current epidemic of nut allergies. Many years ago it was almost unheard of, now every school and child care centre must have procedures in place to deal with the ever present danger of a potentially fatal anaphylactic reaction. What’s changed? Phoebe can guide you in the best timing and process of introducing potentially allergenic foods to ensure they safety become incorporated into the future diet of your child.

Being a mother herself, Phoebe knows the overwhelming concern a mother has for the health and wellbeing of her child. She can assess the health of your child and their nutritional intake and help you implement adjustments and add supplemental nutrition to ensure your child gets the most out of every day of learning and development to ensure they grow into happy, fit, health and intelligent adults.  She can also advise you of tips and tricks to deal with behaviour challenges such as refusal of new foods, poor sleep patterns and tantrums.


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